As Promised …

Hey again!

As I mentioned a few minutes ago, I will be posting links to my two author pages fore sites I write the most for so that is Fortitude and Inveterate – here goes!

My Fortitude Author page is:-

My Inveterate Author page is:-

The former is more Sports and television orientated whereas my work for Inveterate is mainly looking at music!

In the next few days I’ll probably put up a couple of my favourite articles on this page, to save you a bit of time hunting through these author pages looking for them! 🙂

Thanks for your time guys!


A Quick Hello!

Hey people!

My name is Jamie Thomas and I’m a student at Bangor University studying journalism and media studies!

Got a lot of aspirations in the field of journalism which is why for the past few years I’ve been putting myself forward to write articles for basically anyone who’ll have me! The publications I have wrote for have been very receptive in letting me fill their virtual column inches with content and for that I’d like to give a quick S/O to Dave Hudson and the awesome crew at Fortitude (, Lewis Abbey for allowing me to broaden my horizons a fair bit at Inveterate ( and to Ifan Jones for pointing me in the direction of Golwg and allowing me to get some much needed practice on my Welsh language writing!

Basically I’ve had this WordPress blog for a few years for no apparent reason and have never had any real use for it until now because I’ve come up with a neat little solution. What I’ll be doing as of today is filling this blog with any content I write for any of the publications I write for – the reason behind this is that it is getting a tad difficult to keep track of what I’m writing for who and when and so on so to get around that I’ll be dumping it all in here like one big archive! 🙂

So in the next few minutes another post is going to follow this one to link my author pages at Fortitude and Inveterate then I would really appreciate it if you could spare a few minutes to look through them, pick out any stories that catch your eye or are of relevance to you and then give me some feedback maybe on what I’ve written? If you wouldn’t mind doing all of that, that’d be great! If you even just head over to the sites themselves and have a browse, I’d be very grateful for that too as I’ve had the pleasure of working with some excellent writers in the last few years and I can assure you that they’re putting out is of a very high standard and they would too, I’m sure, appreciate all the feedback they can get. At the end of the day we only write to serve the public interest so if you, the public, are interested by our stuff, let us know – if not, let us know what we can do to change that!

Nice to talk to you briefly today guys! I hope very much that you like my stuff – if so, I shall endeavour to keep putting out that kind of content, if not then let me know where the problem is and I’ll try and put something out for you too!